Why buy Otis Futon?


1..Hand Made in the USA - each craftsman takes pride in each mattress they make and signs his name to the quality he crafted in each mattress!  Over 120 years of experience, skill and technology is embedded in each mattress.  Nobody makes a mattress like an Otis! 

2..Innovation - Many Fortune 500 companies and labs look to Otis's Research & Development department for cutting edge technology and product advancements.  This means that you can trust in Otis for the Best Value in products!

3..Quality Control - Rest assured that each product is inspected and comfort tested before it leaves our factory.  Otis is known for incredibly high consumer product satisfaction ratings which translates to the lowest product return in the industry!

4..Uniform Comfort and Durability - Every Otis mattress is built from this philosophy!  Our Manufacturing process assures maximum uniform support, comfort and durability throughout the entire mattress...from the center to the edges!   Features and Benefits of our Signature Manufacturing Process include:


  1. All Otis Mattresses are made with a fire-safe barrier to protect you and the mattress from open flames.
  2. Otis's exclusive Comfort Lock Cushioning System tensions all the overstuffed materials inside the mattress to develop a specific comfort level that remains consistent for years.  This pressurization technique activates a synergistic bond between all the layered materials inside each mattress in a fingerprint design that gives each mattress its own energy and comfort level.  This pressure-managed technology designed for each mattress promotes a healthy and continuous blood flow throughout your body so you may rest peacefully without tossing and turning.
  3. Overstuffed with Quality Materials..extra amounts of cushioning material to produce an energized supportive comfort level that lasts for years.  We achieve an extremely smooth and uniform shape that provides maximum comfort and support with absorbing firmness that conforms to your body. 
  4. Tape-Edge Construction..the strongest bonding method to protect the materials inside the mattress with the added bonus of delivering a uniform tailored look! 
  5. Structure lifelines or borders give a true reading of the pressurized finished thickness of the mattress.  These high performance mattresses hold their shape even when you sit on the edge of the bed!


5..Our Compression Packed Pledge - Warranty concerns are non-existent because this pledge combined with our unique packaging system speaks for itself.  Otis Products are extremely durable...they have to be to withstand over 30,000 pounds of pressure being exerted on each mattress (which basically compresses your mattress down to nothing) and comes out of the box with the original comfort we designed for you and future generations.  Compact storage is another benefit of our shipping system.